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Seasonal Shows

Easter Show

Spring Flings And Easter Things

Prof Dan's favorite time of year because it's another eggs-cuse for chocolate, not that he needs one. You will be quackers to miss this show as there will be surprising productions, colorful happenings and not forgetting lots of sweets and chocolate... as long as Coco the Rabbit does not get his paws on them.       

Halloween Show

Tricks and treats

This child-friendly show will have you gripped in your seats. With stories of witches and the spells they can cast on you and clumsy wizards getting into trouble with bumps in the night: there will be plenty of surprises in store with lots of ghostly goings on. Will Professor Dan be able to get everything back under control?

Christmas Show

Let the festivities begin

Getting ready for Christmas is lots of fun and what better way to add to the festive season than with a little bit of magic? With help from the boys and girls will all the decorations be put up? And will all the presents be ready in time? You will have to wait and see. Be sure not to miss some special characters throughout the show including a naughty monkey.

Magic Elf

Set the scene with a magic theme

This is a busy time of year for everyone and the magic elf has been sent to check everyone is ready by spreading Christmas cheer to all with his seasonal tricks. This walk-around act is suitable for shops, fairs and grottos. With a unique blend of story telling and visual effects it is guaranteed to create smiles and happy memories.